Thursday, February 24, 2011

Learning to use my Canon 40D and flash

This is Ziva, at 4 months.......I have not edited it yet, as I am still learning Photoshop, and really want to do it correctly. However, I do have someone who has asked to purchase this shot. I have so many good pics of her in a series, someone asked me to make a calendar of her!

Boy, I have NOT been on here for a really long time. I have been so busy trying to learn to use my camera, and have made some progress, but...long way to go. I did finally get a 300 fixed lens, and found a great instructor, who has done photography for 30 years. I have only gotten to have one lesson, but am hoping to get one tomorrow. That depends on the weather.
I don't have many pics on this laptop, but will include my favorite photo of our new kitten Ziva. She has a stage 3 heart murmur, and cannot be fixed until she is 8 months old. Of course, inside only for her.
Just the usual suspects in my yard, one treat being the occasional Townsends Warbler.

After working with my new-to-me camera, I deleted most all of my photos, as I now see how very bad they truly are. And now I have a really nice Epson printer. SOME of my photos have turned out really good, and many given as gifts this past December.

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