Monday, September 28, 2009

Memories of a Barn Owl hunting

Sept 17th my husband and I went to the Mountaineers presentation Paul Bannick did, as a fund raiser. About 280+ people were there. It was a great presentation, lots of new photos. I swear the guy could do a presentation on EACH Owl and Woodpecker alone. The new photos were great and I wish he could do another book that is an extension of The Owl And The Woodpecker.
In the presentation, it was discussed about the adaptability of these fantastic birds. I recalled on the way home, the great time I had several nights with a Barn Owl.
I used to belong to the Tacoma Symphony Choir, and would take River Road in Puyallup to head back to my home in Bonney Lake. It was always nice and dark by the time I got there, and I would go onto Levy Road. More than one time I had a Barn Owl follow me, flying evenly with my car lights, low to the ground. She was at the edge of the road where it dropped, and I found her behaviour fasinating as she followed alongside for quite a distance.
I realized after Paul's presentation, she had adapted to her surroundings, taking advantage of the rodents that might be flushed along this rather isolated road, which was quiet in the late hours, and traffic slow enough she could enjoy her hunting.
She did not fly in the light, but straight across from my front bumper; then she would, without warning, drop down and to the right, and be gone. I now know that she must have found what she was looking for.
I am glad to have been part of her hunting adventure. And now that I know just what was going on, I am even more blessed and honoured by this special creature.

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