Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yardbird updates, new computer; evil dogs update; etc

Well, we decided we could not afford a Mac Laptop at this time, so we got a 13" Toshiba which has a lot of stuff that most 13 in notebooks do not have. For now I am keeping my Mac for my music and photoshop, which I still have to learn how to run.
Yesterday, I was again over run with Grosbeaks,. and the Male and Female Pileated Woodpeckers were at the feeders several times rather than just the male. Which may mean the eggs have hatched. I leave tomorrow for a field trip with the famous Bob Sunstrum, then Saturday I head out for a little mini-vacation of my own. I will have to do the nest searching on my return.
Okay the dog chewing on stuff update. Saturday the mini motorcycle (scooter) that Rich and Judy gave me for my birthday last month, came home to stay. I had ridden it about 20 minutes when I wrecked it the first time, so poor Rich had to take it back and repair it. Saturday I am riding around the block practicing turns, (which was my downfall before) and Mark and Rich were in the front Garden chatting away all this time. When we went into the house, we discovered the DOGS had chewed up the registration for the bike. They did NOT appreciate being left in the house I guess, and so this is my repayment. But at least my Owl and Woodpecker book is out of their way.

As far as bird photos go, I am quite sold on my set up now. I still have lots to learn about it all, and now have to study for the motorcycle permit, learn about my new laptop, and still need to figure out the Nikon Coolpix 5000, great camera, but lots of stuff to know. I did learn the benefits of not using a flash, I don't know how to run mine yet. Apparently using a flash flattens the eye of the subject, or takes out the roundness and expression of the bird. So maybe not knowing everything about my flash yet has been a good thing. But I will need it for Owls, and the evening lighting, as summer wears on and the bird feed later.
BTY, the Pileated was calling when the sun had already set, last night. That was fun for me.
I have lots of plants to plug today, and rock to clean for the natural pond we are putting in the front garden, so I hope it is not too cold and windy, or wet. Doing the pond reconstruction is a miserable tiresome job, but I cannot afford to have someone else do most of this stuff.
I hope to see my woodpeckers bath in it, it is all for them anyway!

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