Friday, May 1, 2009

Cost of repairing old birdbath, and update on Winter

Just to let you know, he is better. The Dr said that after the exam you would expect his knee to hurt a lot. He needs to basically have to work hard at completely tearing the ligament all the way, it is an old injury.

Okay the birdbath.
I have seen it sitting in the neighbors yard by the drive for 2 years, near the street. For a while it looked like she was going to use it as a planter, but never did. I finally went over and asked to purchase it. She gave it to me for free, since is was cracked in several places and leaky.
Cement crack filler stuff, $6
Disposable putty knife $1
Cement Sealer (to prevent further cracking) 1 gallon (all they had) $24
Disposable Brush $2
brand new jeans that got sealer on it $35
new garden gloves that got ruined $3
Having to get nails re-done, due to getting ruined by goo $18 with tip for Terry
Total cost= $89
Cost to have purchased a brand new short one just like it

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