Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winter receives serious injury, which worsens after visit to new Vet

Well the notorious chewer of books, with the ability to lift a hard back dictionary off of a desk, has met his match. He escaped a few days ago and came home limping, as usual. I just ignored it, but it became worse rather than better, so I took him in, knowing our old Dr of 20 years was retiring, and it would be okay to see the new owner of the clinic.
NOT a good idea, bad move.
She did a bunch of x-rays, including his hips, which I told her were fine. He has a torn ligament in his knee with water on the knee as well, and needs a surgery that runs around $3,000. In the process of doing the x-rays she had to drug him, so he would hold still.
This however made it a challenge to load him. She did not offer to splint his leg for protection, and after paying just shy of $400 for this short visit, we came home. I discovered he has further injured his knee, probably completely tore the ligament.
The pain meds do not work, at this time. They are over $100 a month also.
A rude awakening for me, as I have another dog still, who will need care over the next 10+years, it is like have your child's DR retire, and leaving a nurse in her place, as far as I am concerned......
Rescued dogs who have rescued love them so much, and they are a great sub for grandchildren, but this is not good........

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