Saturday, January 31, 2009

An Update on My Book The Owl And the Woodpecker

I should give an update.  I was able to find another 1st printing at Border's Books, which they saved for me and I was able to pick it up the next day. Thanks to Paul for recommending checking other bookstores, or I would not have thought about looking there.  I got the VERY LAST ONE THEY HAD!!!! 
  Later I went to another book signing, where the very kind Mr. Bannick was able to sign my book again, I also purchased another book for someone else. 
  I enjoyed getting to sit in on a second presentation of his book. He had a lot of information to share, that he was unable to the first time I heard him, due to the time restraints.  He needs to write a book about the antics of his subjects, it would be hysterical indeed!  The bad part of the evening, was a lady ran a stop sign and hit my car.  I missed the first part of his presentation, what a tragedy that was!
   This Friday I also had to pick up AOTHER book still, making my grand totals of purchases 9 books in all. The furthest mailing was to Eilat Israel, as a thank you to Noam Weiss for his kindness in helping us find so many birds, while birding the area.  I still plan on joining him for 2 weeks the last of October, to volunteer with bird banding, and counting etc, if the funds come in.
An update on my digiscoping situation.  I did get the camera mount, only to discover, I had to purchase another eyepiece for the scope.  I then discovered the camera bracket was faulty, and I also sent that back and they are sending me another.  I had wonderful opportunities to photograph my Pileated on Friday morning, but was too near the subject with the lens and canon camera. I do have the Nikon coolpix P5000, but have not set it up yet.  I had someone very kindly give me a few tips on making my feeding station more natural looking, which I will be attending to shortly.
  So I continue to move forward, planning some trips with others, and some day outings on my own, so I can figure out how to best use my new stuff!!!

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