Thursday, January 8, 2009

Evil Dogs destroy my book by Paul Bannick

Well today, I am heartbroken to say the least.  My husband and I go to eat dinner with friends we went to Israel with, joyfully expecting the guest to come, who does not know we were going to be there. He is a good friend of my husbands, and very involved in Zaka, in Jerusalem, and has meetings lined up all around the US to get support for the State of Israel, orphans, people in need, etc.  He calls and says he will be there at 8, but never shows.  Probably stuck because of flooded roads. That was bad enough.
  Then we come home very late, to find my dogs took my beloved book 1st Edition by Paul Bannick, The Owl and The Woodpecker, (personally autographed), and ripped it all up.  Actually I think the term DESECRATE is in order in this instance! I know the big dog Winter was involved, because Isabelle could NOT have gotten it off the desk. Plus I suspect Winter was the one who ripped the cover in two and ate part of it. Isabelle is more into eating the paper ends of books pages.  I also studied the evidence this morning and discovered huge teeth markings on the cover, and smaller ones on the paper.
  They conspired against me, for leaving them home alone with all that rain, and nothing to do.  I had just bought them two new toys that squawked and baa baa'ed (lamb and chicken)...What an ungrateful pair of dogs they are. I was just starting to read it for a second time as well. 
   I nearly cried, but immediately emailed Paul to see if he had any 1st editions left. When I read he does not, but has the second printing available, I did cry. So I will make sure my dad and step mom leave their copy to me in their will, that is all I can do.
  I woke up with the idea of making collages out of the book, several, maybe a scrapbook, and try to salvage some of my favorite quotes and photos.
 I can also decorate my office with a series of collages then.
At least they did not hurt the beloved CD that I had in the back cover. So now I have an extra one to play in the car.

Anyway, now I will be purchasing ANOTHER book, I think it is number 6 or 7.
 And I had worked so hard to make sure everyone got a 1st Edition. 
Now, I don't have one. 
Life is so unfair.  
   I will probably wait a bit before I purchase another book, as a period of mourning is now in order for this somber occasion. I shall wear black for the next month.
   The dogs are still alive, and will remain in my CUSS-tody, as it is my moral obligation.
They also destroyed my brand new song book given to me by Ted Pearce, but that was not autographed, and I can easily replace that.

Just found large teeth marks on my CD set of Puccini's Turandot also. I am getting ready to re-create the crime scene with the criminals, as tho they were caught in the act, and I will then post a photo of that or two.

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