Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A quick list of the birds from Israel

We just got back last yesterday, and I will give more detail as I have time. Today I go to the Dr, I am sick with sinus stuff, AS usual, when I return from Israel.  I should just make my appointment before I leave town!
  This list is in order, as written in the Middle East book, which I am not real happy with, I will be purchasing the Birds of Europe, one that everyone has recommended.  Asterik for the life birds in Israel. ( I have a number of birds derived from previous years)
  I will give more detailed accounts, especially of the big day with Noam Weiss, from the International Birding Research Center, in Eilat.  I highly recommend contacting him for guide assistance, and also, if you ever want to donate some time helping with banding, or ringing as they call it there. In the Spring, they easily process 1,000 birds in a day, and need lots of help for this time of year. They are also in desperate need of funding.
  Compiled November 17th-30th, 2008

*Black Throated Diver  (Eilat) found the day before my trip w/Noam
*Little Grebe
*Great Cormorant
 Pygmy Cormorant
 White Pelican
*Night Heron
*Squacco Heron
*Cattle Egret
*Little Egret
*Great White Heron
*Western Reef Heron
 Purple Heron
*Grey Heron
 Black Stork
 White Stork
*Glossy Ibis
*Greater Flamingo
*Pintail Duck
*Tufted Duck
*Black Kite (thousands)
 Marsh Harrier
*Hen Harrier
*Sparrow Hawk
*Common Buzzard
 Long Legged Buzzard
*Greater Spotted Eagle
*Moor Hen
 Common Crane
 Black Winged Stilt
*Little Ringed Plover
*Ringed Plover
*Kentish Plover
 Spur Winged Plover
*Little Stint
*Common Snipe
*Red Shank
*Green Shank
*Marsh Sandpiper
*Green Sandpiper
*Common Sandpiper
*White Eyed Gull
 Little Gull
*Black Headed Gull
*Great Black Headed Gull
 Common (Mew) Gull
 Yellow Legged Gull
 Armenian Gull
*Heuglini Gull (from recent split of another gull species)
*Caspian Tern
*Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse (3, was an incredible life changing experience)
 Rock Dove
 Palm Dove
 Collared Dove
*Namaqua Dove  (one female, beautiful delicate bird, very tropic like)
 Ring Necked Parakeet
*Barn Owl
*Little Owl (VERY LAST BIRD OF THE TRIP! We were in Jaffo, the night we flew out)
 White Throated Kingfisher
 Common Kingfisher
 Pied Kingfisher
*Green BeeEater
*Desert Lark
*Greater Short Toed Lark
*Crested Lark (the only REALLY easy one of the Larks!)
*Sky Lark
*Oriental Sky Lark
*Pale Crag Martin
 Barn Swallow
 Red Rumped Swallow
*Richards Pipit
*Tawny Pipit
*Red Throated Pipit
*Meadow Pipit
*Water Pipit
 White Wagtail
 Yellow Vented Bulbul
*Blue Throat
*Black Red Start
*Semi Rufous Red Start (recently split from Black)
 Stone Chat
*Isabelline Wheatear
*Desert Wheatear
*Mourning Wheatear
*Hooded Wheatear
*White Crowned Wheatear
*Song Thrush 
*Graceful Prinia 
 Sardinian Warbler
*Black Capped Warbler
*Chiff Chaff (two sub species)
*Arabian Babbler (lots, and lots of fun!)
*Penduline Tit (very rare and hard to get out of the bush)
 Palestine Sunbird
*Great Gray Shrike
 House Crow
*Indian House Crow (invading Eilat, they are trying to iradicate)
 Hooded Crow
*Brown Necked Raven
 Fan Tailed Raven
*Common Mynah
*Tristans Grackle
 House Sparrow
*Spanish Sparrow
*Dead Sea Sparrow
*House Bunting (only one, that was all I needed! )
*Corn Bunting (only one as well)
I think this is 126 species~~~~~pretty good for missing the migration, and ducks were  just starting to come into Eilat as we were there, toward the end of our trip

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