Friday, November 14, 2008

Okay, this is mostly for me, just a place to share some of the wonderful birds I experience, and the things I love in life. I spent the last few years helping my husband, and as the years progressed and we got busier, birding took a back seat in the bus, and eventually fell out the window.
  After recently reading an incredible book, and a new favorite, my passion for birding has bloomed once again. In my crazy busy life, I am really trying hard to work again on bird ID, bird calls, habitats, and make up for time lost.
  The book I recommend for ALL birders, and any who are even slightly interested in birds or the natural world, is
It has an incredible bunch of information, well written and enjoyable to read. The photos you would love to frame and hang on the walls, of the highest quality. The CD recordings of the Owls and Woodpeckers of North America, is a great utility, and my favorite recording of these birds, good source for learning their drumming, calls, and songs.

Yesterday I went birding with my friend Ruth, out to the ocean, we got to see thousands of shorebirds; tons of water fowl,  did not focus on the sparrows, and did not get to owl.  The waves were ferocious, as we had had a huge storm come through the day before.  We hoped for rarities, but found none.
  As we hit Brady Loop Road on the way home, we found 5 killdeer, at the last puddle of water we could see, at 5:12 PM. Only because of the beautiful full moon, were we able to even locate this common, but enjoyable bird to end a long day.

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