Friday, April 27, 2012

A great deal has gone on since I last wrote in this blog...I have spend a pretty penny on camera gear..I am working two part time jobs, being in charge of the music at the church my husband pastors, and working part time in retail. I started getting together with my old birding buddies again, albeit not enough...I have struggled with a serious health crisis for the past several years, and am finally starting to feel like my old self again...Basically, I am pretty much well don't worry about it... Life is a struggle when you are at the age, AARP wants you to subscribe. You feel like a kid still, and then the creakiness in your bones reminds you, you are not so young anymore. You find your childhood friends are struggling with heartache, loss of family, sick grandchildren, and health issues, none of you gave a thought to, when in your youth. And some have said goodbye to their parents, and siblings. I have lost two brothers; I cannot comprehend how difficult it would be to lose my parents, two great mom's and a fantastic father. I just finished my very first photography class at Pierce College, with a fine instructor, named Kerrie Ellsworth. I hope to learn more from her. Time is precious and it slips away so quickly. You want to make the most of it, and really work at doing what you love, AND Love what you are doing. So this is what I have chosen to do with the rest of my life. Nature photography, with a focus on birds...Of course you have to find the birds to get the I have a lot of other photos, and will be adding as I visit Switzerland and Germany this spring, and Israel this fall...
There is so much beauty in this world, I cannot capture it all. I cannot comprehend it all. I only know when I step outside to view the nature God created, I am overwhelmed, by its beauty. My senses are overcome by the colors, the light, the density of what is here for us to see, and to care for.
So anyway, I am done with my speech. I am hoping to start posting pictures a couple of times a week, my best bird ones, and my best nature ones... Vicki

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