Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rare Wintering Rose Breasted Grosbeak Continues on

The last Friday evening of March, just as the sun had almost set; I happened onto this very rare bird at my feeder. I could NOT believe my eyes! This was too much, and I quickly grabbed my digiscope set to get fast shots; I knew without them NO ONE could believe this.
He has now been here on a regular basis, for two weeks. Many have come to see him, and I hope that if he stays, many more will. I should have been blogging about him all this time, but I have been busy just watching for him, and helping other birders who come; so they might get good views.
It has been wonderful to share this bird. Here in Bonney Lake, now on the map of most Washington birders, who only heard of it, via a few of us tweeting on the Tweeters birding email. I will try to post more photos at a later date, and a total of how many came and saw the bird.
The last known good looks anyone got of this bird, was in 2002, Seattle, and I think he only stayed a few days. I got that bird the last day he was seen. This bird is an adult, going into breeding plumage. To see more photos, find the flickr link, and check them out. This is an amazing experience, which I will always treasure!

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