Saturday, April 17, 2010

New Evening Grosbeak shot

Handsome Grosbeak, new lens

Got this pic with my new lens. I was NOT going to feed the Grosbeaks, but they make such a great subject to work on with my 300 fixed lens. I think the Townsend's Solitaire has moved on....But the Bewicks Wrens have paired up and are busy, and Orange Crowned Warblers, as well as Yellow Rumps and Kinglet songs fill the air.
Mornings bring a most wonderful morning serenade, and I cannot help but sleep with the window cracked open.
I did buy a tripod, that is very lightweight for travel. But is is about a foot too short for me, and with the lens, very top heavy. So I will use my very sturdy Manfrotto for my camera.
We go to Sweden, Switzerland, and Germany April 28th, IF the volcano settles down.

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