Sunday, April 11, 2010

Burrowing Owl tonight, Highway 18 and 167

This was amazing. I was driving,(just after 9PM) so we were not going too fast. I was westbound on Highway 18, getting ready to go over 167, when a BURROWING OWL flew up from the dead grass and onto the 167th Highway entrance sign.
I did almost have a wreck. I have spent a lot of time watching Burrowing Owls the last several years, as there is a nest on private land, not so far from our property in Rim Rock Meadows. Earlier, there was one that stayed in a flowering cherry tree for a while, and several really nice shots were taken.
Mark would NOT let me go back, as there was no place that I could park. I do not know how to use my flash yet, so I will go tomorrow and scout out the area, hoping I do not get into trouble, and that I can find a good parking spot.

To my knowledge, no one saw the Rose Breasted the past two days, except me in the early morning on Saturday, so with all the Evening Grosbeaks, he must have left.

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