Friday, June 19, 2009

Evening Grosbeak female, unable to fly

She has been hanging around a while. A few days ago there was a male, but he is gone now. Today I noticed rather sadly, that my female Evening Grosbeak is now hopping around on the ground, in the bushes and checking under the feeders. I tried to spook her just a little while ago, and she is unable to fly. I fear a long painful death for my little visitor, who stayed too long. She does not seem to have any thing visibly wrong with her, perhaps a wing is slightly off center, but I cannot tell really. I was thinking perhaps she is ready to lay an egg, so I hold onto that for now. We leave tomorrow afternoon for a couple of days in the tent trailer. I hope upon my return, she has re-gained the ability to fly, and goes where the rest did. I do not want to see her in my yard when I return. Poor little thing. There is no food on the ground for her, and I cannot put any out on the ground, since we live close to water, rats are a constant threat. I cannot tolerate them.

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