Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Grosbeaks are here!!!! And plans for the following 2 weeks

Evening Grosbeak, fleck of a feather

This week I started with about 6-10 birds, yesterday I had more than 40. I am filling the feeding platforms at least two times a day.Plus my Pileated now flies over t0 a tree to watch me fill his feeders, and then returns for more food! He has me trained.
Thursday I am going to Elma, maybe Bottle Beach, and then Friday is the Seattle Audubon Birding By Ear field trip, Saturday I am heading to Leavenworth, in hopes of sitting in on a photography class, and then heading to the Havillah area for 3 days, and back for a second field trip with Bob Sundstrom and the Seattle group. It will be a busy week, but somebody has to do it!
Today for Mother's day I am going to work in the garden beds, get special plants I need from the Windmill, and get ALL my stuff planted. Tomorrow my firstborn is taking me to Freight House Square for lunch as a belated Mothers Day.........

So NEXT week, if all goes well I might have lots of pics to share.

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