Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting frustrated with trying to learn about my camera

I have gotten to the point of frustration now. I went into the Kits Camera shop, and discovered my ISO was set at the slowest speed, and so it is now at 200, rather than 64. The guy there was a great help. It was in Bellevue Square, and is closing so I was able to get two extra batteries for a total of 4, as well as a flash for half price, and some other things. He showed me a lot but felt I should NOT use auto focus at all. He does NOT realize how much work it is to have to focus the scope constantly and then trying to focus the camera on top of it. I am hoping for crisper pics of my hummingbirds wing motion with this higher setting.
I was able to meet Caren Parks, who is a swell gal and great photographer, last night at the East Side Audubon program. Mark and I were up at Mary Moor Park and only got pics of the Kestral, as there was not much going on so late in the day.
I am waiting for my Evening Grosbeaks to come in May. They stay for a couple of weeks AT least, so I will have ample op for photographing them.

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