Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yard bird pictures, getting cold and Stinkin' bored here

 I spent a good couple of days trying to take pics of my Red Breasted Sapsucker, with my old Nikon scope, and old cannon digital camera. While in the process this very funny Varied Thrush came with feathers all disarrayed.  Probably a family scuffle, as they always fight with each other.  I also have pics of my Slate Colored Junco. I will post later.
 Not too many of the Anna's have turned out, but will post one of them in a minute.
  Nothing terribly exciting, enjoying the Fox Sparrow, who I also took a photo of.
       Actually I think I took a pic of every stinkin' bird in the stinkin' cold yard the past two days, EXCEPT the stinkin' Starlings, who decide to bathe several times a day, which means I have to go out in the Stinkin cold, and re-fill the heated bird bath so the other sweet little birdies can have a drink.
  I am going to make me a latte before I fill the stinkin' bird bath!

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